A personal take on living with a teen who has autism is front and center in a new off-Broadway play that’s garnering rave reviews.

“Falling” is the intimate story of a family whose son is in his late teen years and has autism. The production debuted last week in New York’s Greenwich Village after an initial run in St. Louis.

The play is based on the real-life experience of playwright Deanna Jent whose son has the developmental disorder. And Jent didn’t sugarcoat things, instead giving audiences a wrenching take on what happens in a household where the simplest change — the sound of a dog barking, for example — can throw off everything.

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Jent said that even her own family was surprised when producers thought that “Falling” would appeal to a wider audience on the New York stage, with her daughter asking, “Do they know what it’s about?”

But the playwright said she thinks that the story is relatable to anyone who’s faced the fears and dreams of parenting and that greater awareness about autism is stirring interest, reports the St. Louis Post Dispatch. To read more click here.