A 13-year-old with autism will be allowed to attend his neighborhood middle school after waging an online protest against a school district plan to segregate him.

Henry Frost took to social media after his Tampa, Fla.-area school district insisted that he attend a special program for students with disabilities rather than the school located just yards from his house.

In an online petition asking school officials to reconsider, Frost said that the district told him he would need to take tests and demonstrate that he could climb the building’s stairs, among other requirements, before he could attend his local school. Frost garnered more than 4,000 supporters on Facebook along with over 6,500 signatures on the petition and now the school district appears to have backed down.

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After 14 hours of meetings, Frost’s family said he will be allowed to attend his neighborhood school and will have the assistance of an aide and other accommodations in the new placement, reports NPR StateImpact Florida. To read more click here.