An Illinois woman who abandoned her daughter with developmental disabilities at a Tennessee bar earlier this year will not face charges, officials say.

Eva Cameron’s 19-year-old daughter — who is said to have the intellectual abilities of a 3-year-old — was found alone at a bar in Caryville, Tenn. in June without any identification, more than 500 miles from her Algonquin, Ill. home.

While saying that Cameron’s conduct was unacceptable the district attorney general in Campbell County, Tenn. said this week that the woman will not be charged.

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“There is no disagreement that the actions of the mother, Eva Cameron, in this case were inexcusable,” reads a release from Lori Phillips-Jones, the district attorney general. “However, Tennessee law has not anticipated such behavior and thus the Grand Jury was faced with conduct which was not necessarily indictable.”

Officials from Phillips-Jones’s office indicated that they will be working with state lawmakers to enact new legislation to address this type of situation in the future.

Cameron previously told the Chicago Tribune that she abandoned her daughter out of desperation after trying to find an appropriate living situation for the girl for over a decade without any luck.

The teen — whose name is being withheld to protect her privacy — was sent back to Illinois and is now being cared for by the state.