Typically parents are proud to see their child earning 90s and 100s at school, but a Georgia father whose son has severe disabilities says the scores are cause for concern.

Wes DeWeese says his son, Jared, is unable to speak, read or walk and has the mental abilities of a 6-month-old. Yet, the 18-year-old is receiving top grades in algebra, biology and other high school courses at his Gwinnett County school.

DeWeese believes teachers are deliberately giving Jared high grades in order to boost overall scores at the school.

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School district officials would not comment on Jared’s case specifically, but said that students with cognitive disabilities are given access to modified coursework and graded on participation.

DeWeese, however, believes it’s unproductive and misleading to grade students like his son on skills that are well above their ability level.

“My goal isn’t for him to do algebra. My goal is to have him walk. I would love to hear him say ‘mom’ or ‘dad,'” DeWeese told WSB, the Atlanta ABC affiliate.