A unique nonprofit in Britain is working to fulfill the carnal desires of those with disabilities, with a full-fledged, accessible brothel in the works.

Becky Adams runs the organization known as Para Doxies which currently provides a telephone service linking people with disabilities and sex workers. The longtime madam argues that she’s fulfilling a basic need for those with physical and mental disabilities who have human needs, but face difficulties facilitating sexual relationships.

The offering will soon be expanding, with Adams setting her sights on establishing a brothel in 2014 specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

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Currently, Adams says she handles about a dozen requests each week and provides her services free of charge. In some cases those with disabilities want sex, but not always. Adams cites a group of mothers of boys with autism who contacted her wanting their sons to be able to cuddle with a woman.

“You cannot stop a disabled person from having a normal life of having the same opportunities of an able-bodied person — it’s discrimination,” Adams told ABCNews.com. To read more click here.