A New Mexico woman and her boyfriend are facing child abuse charges after police say they left an 8-year-old with developmental disabilities locked in a wooden cage while they went to a movie.

Cindy Patriarchias, 33, and Edmond Gonzales, 37, allegedly left the girl at their Las Cruces, N.M. mobile home Friday night when they took the woman’s three other children to a movie at an elementary school.

Patriarchias’ estranged husband called authorities after seeing the group at the movie night without the 8-year-old. Police found the girl who has microcephaly — a condition associated with small head size — in a wooden cage, which the officer at the scene initially thought was for housing dogs, according to a criminal complaint filed with the court.

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All four children who were living in the home are now in state custody and Patriarchias and Gonzales are both charged with felony child abuse, reports the Las Cruces (N.M.) Sun-News. To read more click here.