A community is outraged after an 8-year-old girl with Down syndrome was sent home from school with her feet and ankles duct taped.

Shaylyn Searcy’s parents say that when she arrived at her Indianapolis-area home Monday afternoon, her feet were bound so tightly that she could not walk off the school bus independently. It took 30 minutes to remove the industrial duct tape and material from her socks and shoes came off with the adhesive, the family says. The girl’s ankles remain bruised from the incident.

Though Searcy does have a history of refusing to put her shoes on, the girl’s mother says that she has been able to convince her daughter to do so over the telephone when teachers have called about the problem in the past.

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The circumstances surrounding the incident Monday remain unclear with the school district investigating. Local child services officials have also been alerted.

Searcy’s parents indicate that she will not be returning to the school.

Advocates say Searcy’s experience highlights the need for regulations governing the use of restraints with children who have disabilities, reports the Indianapolis Star. To read more click here.