There are more questions than answers following the death of a 26-year-old with Down syndrome at the hands of law enforcement who were called in when the man refused to leave a movie theater.

Authorities say that Robert Ethan Saylor went to see “Zero Dark Thirty” at a Frederick, Md. movie theater last month, but when the film ended he wanted to see it again and refused to leave. At that point, three off-duty sheriff’s deputies, who were providing security at the venue, were called in.

It’s unclear exactly what happened next, but ultimately Saylor was restrained by the deputies and began showing signs of a medical problem. He was pronounced dead not long after.

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Now a medical examiner has ruled the death a homicide and his family is looking for answers. They say that Saylor idolized law enforcement and the family indicated that an aide was with the young man at the movies, saying that they could have been called to assist.

Currently, the deputies involved in the incident are on paid administrative leave while an investigation continues. The circumstances of the case, however, have disability advocates and families of those with Down syndrome on edge, reports The Washington Post. To read more click here.

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