An uncommon condition means 6-year-old Zach Tahir is prone to eat everything from wall plaster to window blinds. So for his birthday, the boy got quite the gift — an inedible room to call his own.

Tahir is nonverbal and has autism and pica, a condition characterized by a desire to eat non-food items. The boy, who lives near Manchester in England, has been known to consume stones, paper, moss and even wood.

With seemingly no limit to what Tahir would try to eat, his mother Rachel Horn set out to create a safe space for her son in time for his sixth birthday. She received the equivalent of nearly $40,000 in government funds and raised about $15,000 in donations for the project.

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Tahir’s new bedroom features walls made from the same material as a squash court, which is shiny and hard in order to prevent chewing. All of the furniture has rounded edges, slanted window sills limit climbing and blinds were installed so they are inaccessible to the boy, reports The (London) Daily Mail. To read more click here.