A girl with a disability was kicked out of a performance of the play “Beauty and the Beast” because she was giggling and humming along with the show, her mother says.

Samantha Torres said she took her two kids and a nurse to see a production of the Disney classic earlier this month at a theater in Providence, R.I. During the show, Torres said her daughter, Nadia, 5, was “squealing and giggling and humming,” noises that the girl who has a chromosomal abnormality and is nonverbal makes when she is happy.

“They did not ask me to leave; they told me I had to leave,” Torres told South Coast Today.

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Officials at the Providence Performing Arts Center say they responded appropriately by offering Torres and her group the opportunity to relocate after theatergoers began looking at the girl.

Torres said that her daughter was not bothering anyone other than the ushers and claims she was never offered alternate seating.

Despite the dust-up, however, Torres is optimistic that good will come from the incident. She plans to work with the theater to conduct sensitivity training for their staff.