A novel procedure is offering one little boy the chance to hear for the very first time.

Grayson Clamp, 3, was born with no cochlear nerves leaving him completely deaf. But in a video captured in May — that’s now going viral — Clamp is hearing for the first time thanks to an auditory brainstem implant he received earlier this year.

“Daddy loves you,” Len Clamp, tells his son in the video, as the boy gets a stunned look on his face.

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“When they turned that thing on and it worked and he responded to that sound, it was just like a weight was lifted off me,” Grayson’s mom, Nicole Clamp, told NBC News.

Grayson Clamp is the first child to receive the implant in the United States.

The Clamps say their son is now working to understand the new experience of hearing sound and will be learning to make words on his own.

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