A family is crying foul after they say their daughter was denied access to a museum because her wheelchair might dirty the carpet.

The Haas family traveled from their home in Charlotte, N.C. to Savannah, Ga. for a fun getaway over the weekend. But when they attempted to visit the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, the family says they were told that they could not bring their daughter Lexi, 11, in her wheelchair.

“They said wheelchairs are okay, but not hers,” Lexi’s dad, Ken Haas, told WBTV. “I said, but my shoes walk right behind her wheelchair. They’ve been in exactly the same place.”

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Haas said they were told that Lexi could use the museum’s wheelchair, but he indicated that the facility’s chair was not supportive enough for his daughter who cannot sit independently. Alternatively, they were told that the girl could watch a video while the rest of the family viewed the exhibit.

Officials at the museum said the employee who spoke with the family misunderstood the facility’s policy. The museum’s director has since apologized.

“They really need to train their staff,” Lexi’s mom, Susan Haas, said. “That is a significant error.”