Prince William and his wife Kate have chosen a painting from an artist with Down syndrome to display in their son’s nursery.

The acrylic depicting a balloon festival was created by Tazia Fawley, 43. She says the painting took her six months to create and it is reportedly valued at about $3,000, though she gave it to the royals as a gift in honor of Prince George’s birth.

“It’s one of my favorite pieces of work,” Fawley told SWNS. “I gave it to Kate and Wills as a present, because they seem like good people and they wanted to bring some color into their son’s nursery.”

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Officials from the group Heart and Sold, which supports artists with Down syndrome, contacted St. James’s Palace on Fawley’s behalf to offer the painting. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge indicated that they would like the piece and subsequently sent a note to thank Fawley for her “generous gift.”

“I’m so excited to know that my painting will be seen by the most famous baby in the world,” Fawley said.