When her dream wedding was abruptly called off, one bride chose to turn her misfortune into a special opportunity for those with disabilities.

Michelle Marxen planned for a year for her nuptials scheduled for this Saturday in Fargo, N.D. But the day the invitations were supposed to go out, Marxen’s fiancĂ© said he no longer wanted to go through with the marriage.

“He didn’t want to marry me. He said he didn’t love me anymore,” Marxen told WDAY.

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At that point, however, it was too late to cancel the ballroom, band, flowers and other arrangments already contracted for the couple’s big day.

Instead of letting it all go to waste, Marxen is now donating her party to Creative Care for Reaching Independence, a local organization that provides services for people with disabilities, so that the group’s clients can have a Halloween celebration.

“What was supposed to be my special day will now be their special day,” Marxen said.