A teacher accused of force-feeding a student with special needs crayons soaked in hot sauce is headed back to the classroom.

Lillian Gomez was fired from her teaching job at Sunrise Elementary School in Kissimmee, Fla. in 2012 after she allegedly soaked crayons for days in hot sauce and then proceeded to place them in a bag labeled with the name of a student with autism.

But now a judge has order the Osceola County School District to give Gomez her job back, according to ABC News. A spokeswoman for the district, which has no choice but to comply, says that Gomez will be placed at a different school, though details are still in the works.

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The development has parents outraged.

“She proved already that she’s a danger inside a classroom,” Jose Holguin, the father of the student involved in the incident, told WFTV. “What else can she do to prove to the system that she doesn’t have it?”

An attorney for Gomez denied the force-feeding allegations and told ABC that she put the crayons in hot sauce to help the student learn not to eat the writing instruments.