He thought he was on the set of ABC’s “Good Morning America” Friday morning to test a new video game.

But a little boy from Richland, Mich. got quite a surprise when his family revealed on air that they were really there to celebrate his 11th birthday.

Colin, who turns 11 Sunday, told his mother he didn’t want a birthday party this year because he doesn’t have any friends; there’d be no one to invite.

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Colin has a sensory processing disorder similar to autism that makes it difficult for him to socialize.

So his mother, Jennifer, went online and created a Facebook page called Happy Birthday Colin to solicit a few well-wishes. But the response, she says, was overwhelming.

“That people want to reach out and do something for my son, it’s amazing,” Jennifer said on the show.

In a month’s time, more than 40,000 letters, cards and packages have arrived at the Richland post office, near Kalamazoo, says spokeswoman Sabrina Todd.

And 2.1 million people have liked the birthday Facebook page for Colin.

On air Friday morning, the “Good Morning America” crew revealed the surprise, and announced that Colin and his family are leaving this afternoon for Walt Disney World.

Colin was all smiles.