A man unable to marry for more than a year because of his disability will get to tie the knot thanks to a federal court order.

Brad Glass and his fiancée have been engaged since December 2012, but because of his disability, the Mountain View, Mo. man said he is unable to travel the 25 miles to the nearest recorder of deeds office to apply for a marriage license.

Under state law, both Glass and his fiancée are required to appear in person in order to legally wed.

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With the assistance of the American Civil Liberties Union, Glass sued Howell County Recorder of Deeds Sharon Trowbridge alleging violations of the Constitution and the Americans with Disabilities Act after his requests for accommodation were denied.

On Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Greg Kays sided with Glass, ordering Trowbridge or a representative from her office to meet Glass at his home so that he may complete a marriage license application in compliance with the law.

“Without an injunction, Glass will continue to be unable to enter into marriage and thus be deprived of this freedom,” Kays wrote in the ruling.