A special education teacher who gave her students a toilet brush and cleanser as a graduation gift is not facing discipline despite calls from at least one parent that she be fired.

Officials with the Stevens Point Area Public School District in Wisconsin are defending teacher Sue Felder, indicating that the gifts were intended to “reinforce the independent living skills and other gains that students had made during their time in the program,” reports the Stevens Point Journal.

The toilet cleaning supplies were reportedly part of a gift basket that Felder gave her students at a life skills program run by the school district where cooking and cleaning are part of the curriculum.

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Lisa Kingsbury, whose daughter was in Felder’s class, has filed a complaint about the matter with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

Kingsbury told the newspaper that her daughter was confused by the gift from Felder and said the teacher should be fired for giving a gift that suggests her students will be limited to a future scrubbing toilets.