A new ranking is offering insight on the nation’s best and worst places for people with disabilities to call home.

Overland Park, Kan. is topping the analysis of the nation’s 150 most populated cities. Also rounding out the list’s top five cities for people with disabilities are Lubbock, Texas and three Arizona towns — Peoria, Scottsdale and Chandler.

On the flip side, Providence, R.I. fared worst in the ranking with Miami and Hialeah, Fla. as well as Las Vegas and North Las Vegas, Nev. coming in at the bottom.

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Put together by the consumer finance website WalletHub, the ranking factors three key areas — economic environment, quality of life and health care — to assess each locale and determine what the site called “the most suitable conditions for individuals with disabilities.”

Specifically, each city was measured based on 23 factors ranging from the cost of living to the employment rate for people with disabilities in the area, walkability and the effectiveness of the state Medicaid program, WalletHub said.

Among big cities, Tampa, Fla. came in highest in the ranking at number eight followed by Baltimore at 14.

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