Three teens admitted this week to dumping a bucket containing urine, tobacco and spit on a 15-year-old with autism who thought he was participating in the “ice bucket challenge.”

In a Cleveland juvenile court Thursday, the teens owned up to charges of assault and disorderly conduct, The Plain Dealer reports. They are expected to be sentenced later this month and could face up to 90 days in a county detention center or lesser punishments. In the meantime, the teens were ordered to stay away from the victim.

The charges stem from an incident Aug. 18 in Bay Village, Ohio that garnered national attention. In video of the episode, the young man with autism is seen standing in his underwear as a bucket containing bodily fluids is poured over him.

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Attorneys for the accused apologized on behalf of the teens and said their clients did not know that the victim had autism and did not single him out because of his disability.

In addition to the three teens who were in court Thursday, two others are facing lesser charges in the case and are participating in a court diversion program, according to The Plain Dealer.