A documentary on romance among adults with autism will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival alongside films featuring Hollywood veterans Richard Gere, James Franco and Dakota Fanning.

“Autism in Love” will debut during the New York City film festival April 15-26. The documentary follows adults with autism — some single and others in various stages of relationships — to explore what it means for those on the spectrum to seek love.

“With remarkable compassion, director Matt Fuller examines the reality of autistic adulthood and shows how the members of this often-misunderstood community cope with the challenge of keeping romance alive,” Tribeca officials said in announcing the selection.

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The autism film is one of 12 that will screen as part of the World Documentary Feature Competition at Tribeca.

Others in the category include a documentary examining law enforcement’s use of the taser, a look at a nuclear power plant near New York City and a feature focusing on those behind cartoons appearing in The New Yorker.

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