An 18-year-old with Down syndrome is set to make her debut at New York Fashion Week next month.

Madeline Stuart, an Australian who’s been fielding modeling requests since images she posted to Facebook went viral earlier this year, will walk for MODA in association with the Christopher Reeve Foundation, according to Cosmopolitan.

Beyond Fashion Week, Stuart is also working with EverMaya on a line of handbags bearing her name.

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For the budding model, however, getting a positive message out about people with intellectual disabilities is first and foremost.

“The modeling is fun and everything, but it’s just a vehicle to get the message out,” Stuart’s mom Rosanne told Cosmopolitan. “I think that’s why she’s done so well, is because this isn’t about us. It’s about fighting the fight for all the people out there that are a bit different that need to be loved.”

Stuart isn’t the first person with Down syndrome to model during New York Fashion Week. Jamie Brewer, an actress with the chromosomal disorder who is best known for appearing on FX’s “American Horror Story,” appeared in a show for designer Carrie Hammer during Fashion Week in February.