Citing “overwhelming” interest, Chuck E. Cheese’s says that it will expand its efforts to be more accessible to kids with autism and other disabilities nationwide.

The children’s entertainment center will offer “Sensory Sensitive Sundays” at its 355 locations across the country beginning in April.

For the once-a-month events, Chuck E. Cheese’s welcomes kids with autism and other sensory issues two hours before opening to the general public. During these times, the lights are dimmed, music is turned down or muted and appearances by characters are more limited.

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“Our tagline is where a kid can be a kid, and we want to ensure we extend this ideal to kids who otherwise may not be able to enjoy Chuck E. Cheese’s due to the sensory overload,” said Ami Anderson, senior director of advertising and media at CEC Entertainment, the restaurant chain’s parent company.

Chuck E. Cheese’s first conducted a pilot of Sensory Sensitive Sundays in Attleboro, Mass. before rolling out the program at 54 locations in the Northeast earlier this year.

Sensory Sensitive Sundays will be held on the first Sunday of each month beginning April 2.

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