Federal officials are introducing a new app aimed at helping parents determine if their kids may be at risk for developmental issues.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said its Milestone Tracker app is designed to help moms and dads understand when kids should be hitting certain benchmarks.

The free app includes checklists with photos and videos detailing important milestones for children ages 2 months to 5 years as well as information about when and how to talk to a doctor about potential issues.

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“Skills like taking a first step, saying those first words, and waving ‘bye-bye’ are developmental milestones all parents anticipate and celebrate,” said Brenda Fitzgerald, director of the CDC. “This CDC Milestone Tracker app gives parents tips to help their child learn and grow, a way to track developmental milestones, recognize delays and the ability to share this information with their health care provider.”

CDC officials said they’re hopeful that the technology can give parents the tools to alert their pediatrician if something is amiss.

The new offering is part of a broader effort from the federal agency to promote early identification of young children with developmental delays and disabilities like autism so that they can receive services and support as soon as possible.