In this time of social distancing, life for many people with developmental disabilities has become largely sedentary, but Special Olympics — and a professional wrestler — are working to change that.

The nonprofit has developed a series of fitness videos led by six Special Olympics athletes and featuring WWE star Becky Lynch that are designed to get people with disabilities moving, all from home.

The videos in the so-called “School of Strength” series promote flexibility, strength, balance and endurance through exercises with varying levels of difficultly ranging from jumping jacks to leg lifts and super squats. They are accompanied by recipes, games, a fitness tracker and other health tips.

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“The goal is for everyone, no matter your fitness level, to benefit from these videos,” said Lynch.

Special Olympics indicated that the workout videos were in development before the organization cancelled all of its events worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, with everyone staying in, the videos are even more valuable, they said.

“We are changing the face of inclusive health by giving our athletes opportunities to enhance their fitness even while we are all physically distanced from each other,” said Alicia Bazzano, chief health officer at Special Olympics. “The School of Strength campaign is a fantastic asset that encourages our athletes to not only stretch their fitness goals, but stay committed to their health journeys during these tough times.”