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Darin Oswald/Idaho Statesman/TNS

Half Of Medicaid Providers Unavailable, Report Finds

A significant number of doctors purportedly accepting Medicaid are not offering treatment to the program's beneficiaries, a new investigation finds.

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Keith Myers/The Kansas City Star/TNS

New Tests Offer Clarity For Kids Lacking Diagnosis

For those with developmental issues but no firm diagnosis, mapping a child's complete genetic information can offer answers and potential treatments.

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Julie Fletcher/Orlando Sentinel/TNS

Feds: IDEA Still Applies When Students Incarcerated

Kids with disabilities have the right to an education complete with academics, therapies and other supports even if they're locked up, federal officials say.

Disability Champion Leaving Congress

After 40 years on Capitol Hill, a U.S. senator who shaped the Americans with Disabilities Act is leaving his post.

Tax-Free Disability Savings Bill Headed To Obama

The U.S. Senate has voted overwhelmingly to send legislation to the president establishing a new way for people with disabilities to save money without risking their government benefits.

Mounting Evidence Points To Air Pollution, Autism Link

Exposure to high levels of air pollution during pregnancy -- particularly during later stages -- may double a woman's risk of having a child with autism, a new Harvard study suggests.

Down Syndrome No Barrier To College Degree

Stereotypes and academic hurdles haven't stopped one man with Down syndrome from receiving his bachelor's degree, graduating magna cum laude.

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