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Pets May Boost Social Skills In Kids With Autism

Living with pets may help children with autism acquire social skills, according to a new study that finds greater engagement among those with animals.

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Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS

Obama Signs Law Creating Disability Savings Accounts

With his signature, the president has paved the way for people with disabilities to open accounts where they can save without losing government benefits.

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Keith Myers/The Kansas City Star/TNS

New Tests Offer Clarity For Kids Lacking Diagnosis

For those with developmental issues but no firm diagnosis, mapping a child's complete genetic information can offer answers.

After Years Of Cuts, Social Security To Extend Office Hours

The Social Security Administration says it will expand hours at offices across the country, a move that could be a big help for those with developmental disabilities.

Efforts Underway To Fully Fund IDEA

Lawmakers in Congress are renewing efforts to ensure that the federal government lives up to its promise to fully fund special education.

Autism Genes Often Differ, Even Among Siblings

Adding to confusion about the roots of autism, new research suggests that varying genes are often responsible for the disorder even among siblings who share a diagnosis.

Disability-Focused Proms Expected To Draw 7,000

Just in time for Valentine's Day, former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is organizing 45 proms around the world on one night just for people with special needs.

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