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Shayne Nagel, right, comforts her daughter, Erin, who has autism

Future Uncertain As Money To Move People Out Of Institutions Runs Dry

With time and money running out, advocates are pushing for passage of a bill that would extend a federal program that moves people with disabilities from institutions to community living.

December 7, 2018

Second Study Corroborates 1 In 40 Autism Rate

For the second time in a week, new data from a national survey suggests that the prevalence of autism in this country is higher than previously thought.

December 4, 2018

Mom Charged After Leaving Daughter With Special Needs At Hospital

A mother is charged with child neglect after police say she left her 12-year-old who has a developmental disorder that causes behavioral problems at a hospital and refused to pick her up.

November 27, 2018

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Autism Speaks PSA

New Government Report Suggests 1 In 40 Kids Have Autism

National survey results show as many as 1 in 40 U.S. children have been diagnosed with autism, continuing an upward trend.

November 26, 2018

Saliva Test May Help Speed Up Autism Diagnosis

New research suggests that determining whether or not a child likely has autism could one day be as simple as spitting in a cup.

November 13, 2018
ABA therapy

With Insurance Change, Access To ABA Therapy Expected To Grow

A change to medical billing codes for the most common behavior therapy for autism will mean better insurance coverage for families and less hassle for providers, advocates say.

November 12, 2018

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Weight Troubles Plague Kids With ASD, Developmental Delays Equally

Children with developmental delays — including autism — are nearly 50 percent more likely than other kids to become overweight or obese at young ages, according to a new study.

November 9, 2018

Music Therapy Yields Gains For Children With Autism

Incorporating singing and other music-based activities in therapy sessions can make a big impact for kids with autism, new research suggests, boosting communication and other factors.

November 6, 2018
Denise Hok

Trump Rollback Of Disability Rules Can Make Doctor’s Visits Painstaking

Standards have been proposed to address what are often viewed as disparities in medical treatment for people with disabilities, but the Trump administration has declined to enforce them.

November 5, 2018

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Direct care worker

States Cite Hurdles To Providing Community-Based Services

States are facing challenges meeting their obligations to provide home and community-based services to people with developmental disabilities and other groups, federal investigators say.

November 2, 2018

Company Says Autism Blood Test Now Available

The first blood test for autism is now on the market, but the company behind the test is still working to make it available nationwide.

November 2, 2018
Man with his daughter

Napping May Interfere With Learning In Those With Down Syndrome

While naps typically help young people retain information they've learned, new research suggests that the opposite may be true for those with Down syndrome.

November 1, 2018

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