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Hollywood sign

Celebrities Call For More Inclusive Casting

Danny DeVito, Bryan Cranston, Mark Ruffalo and Glenn Close are among dozens of Hollywood insiders pressing the entertainment industry to become more inclusive of people with disabilities.

January 27, 2020

Large Study Identifies Trove Of Genes Linked To Autism

In what's being called the largest study of its kind, researchers say they've identified more than 100 genes associated with autism.

January 24, 2020
Service dog

New Restrictions Proposed For Service Animals On Planes

Federal regulators are seeking to place new limits on service animals in flight in an effort to ensure that such animals really are providing assistance to people with disabilities.

January 23, 2020

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Trump Administration Throws Support Behind Down Syndrome Abortion Ban

The Justice Department is backing a state ban on abortions of those with a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis, arguing the law would prevent disability discrimination.

January 23, 2020
Man with severe autism

After Coming Off Wait List, Families Still Struggle To Find Services

Being selected to come off the waiting list for disability services can feel like "winning the lotto," but the thrill is short-lived for families who can't find programs to serve them.

January 22, 2020
Amtrak train

Amtrak Tells Wheelchair Users To Pay $25,000

Amtrak is under fire for reportedly telling a group of people with disabilities that it would cost $25,000 for them to travel by train on a route that typically costs just $16 per person.

January 21, 2020

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Couples With Disabilities Navigate Red Tape On Way To Altar

Marriage often means sacrificing much needed government benefits for people with developmental disabilities, but a proposed law could change that.

January 21, 2020

Judge Slashes Verdict In Risperdal Case

A judge chopped an $8 billion award to a man who claimed the maker of Risperdal failed to warn that boys using the drug — commonly prescribed to those with autism — could grow breasts.

January 21, 2020

FDA Misses Deadline To Ban Devices Used To Shock Those With Special Needs

The Food and Drug Administration missed its own deadline to finalize a ban on devices used to administer electric shocks on people with developmental disabilities.

January 20, 2020

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U.S. Department of Education

Ed Department Urged To Ban Seclusion In Schools

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos should ban seclusion and prohibit certain restraint techniques in the nation's schools, a dozen lawmakers say.

January 17, 2020

Woman With Cerebral Palsy Pens Script For Disney

She has cerebral palsy and talks via a communication board on her wheelchair, but that's not stopping Erin Feeney who just saw her first script for Disney's "Doc McStuffins" come to fruition.

January 17, 2020

Proposed Social Security Changes Could Cut Off Beneficiaries With Disabilities

A proposed change to federal disability assistance would result in millions more case reviews, likely cutting off many recipients with disabilities if the changes are enacted.

January 16, 2020

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