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Social Security office

Social Security, SSI Benefits Expected To Increase Significantly

Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries could see their monthly payments rise again next year by the largest amount in decades, experts say.

June 28, 2022
U.S. Department of Justice building

Justice Department Says State Over-Institutionalizing Kids With Disabilities

Federal investigators say one state is violating the ADA by keeping children with disabilities in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities and even a juvenile detention facility.

June 28, 2022
Man in wheelchair crossing street

Wheelchair Users Want New Road Money Spent On Safety

Streets can be dangerous for people in wheelchairs. Now, advocates say new federal infrastructure funding should go to curb ramps, more accessible sidewalks and other fixes.

June 28, 2022

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Supreme Court building with handicapped sign in front

With Roe Overturned, Advocates Fear Disability Rights May Be Next

A landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision ending the constitutional right to abortion will have deep implications for people with disabilities, potentially extending far beyond reproductive care.

June 27, 2022
School classroom

Across US, Special Education Enrollment On The Rise

The number of students with disabilities in the nation's public schools is growing, according to new federal data.

June 24, 2022
Police car with flashing lights

State Rolling Out Purple Alerts For Lost Adults With IDD

There are Amber Alerts for children and Silver Alerts for the elderly, but now one state is introducing a new kind of alert to help find adults with developmental disabilities who go missing.

June 24, 2022

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Man speaks while sitting at table

Facebook Settles Justice Department Suit Alleging Disability Related Discrimination

Facebook will make big changes to settle a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit accusing the platform of allowing advertisers to discriminate against people with disabilities and other groups.

June 23, 2022
Aircraft at gate

Airport Adds Mock Aircraft To Aid Passengers With Disabilities

The 33-foot faux cabin, which was previously used to train airline crews, will provide those with sensory, physical or cognitive disabilities a place to practice boarding in a realistic setting.

June 22, 2022
Women stand and talk with parked cars behind them

Autism Plays Big Role In New Movie

An actress with autism is making her debut alongside Dakota Johnson in a new feature film that's out in theaters.

June 21, 2022

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FEMA task force

Hurricane Season Has Individuals With Disabilities On Edge

As New Orleans stares down another active hurricane season, disability advocates and vulnerable people wonder if recent changes will make a difference for a population that often gets left behind.

June 21, 2022
U.S. Department of Labor sign

Labor Department Cracks Down On Subminimum Wage For People With Disabilities

With new guidance and enforcement, federal officials are further clarifying their expectations for employers that pay people with disabilities less than minimum wage.

June 20, 2022
Athletes wave as they walk

Experts Fear For Safety Of Those Who Went Missing From Special Olympics USA Games

More than a week after delegates of the unified Haitian Special Olympics soccer team went missing, experts say concerns about their safety will only grow the longer the investigation drags on.

June 20, 2022

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