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Autism Speaks PSA

Study: Even With Fivefold Increase, Autism Likely Undercounted

New research suggests that autism prevalence rose as much as 500% in recent decades, but it still may be underdiagnosed.

January 26, 2023
Child sits at table looking at tablet

Can Limiting Screen Time Improve Autism Symptoms?

New research suggests that substantially reducing the amount of time that young kids with autism spend watching screens could lead to fewer symptoms of the developmental disorder.

January 24, 2023
Committee members sit at table

Federal Autism Panel Approves New Strategic Plan

For the first time in years, a federal panel tasked with guiding the nation's priorities on autism is moving to update the government's agenda for addressing the developmental disability.

January 19, 2023

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Person with hair moving about

Test Can Predict Autism In Kids — Using Their Hair, Study Says

A groundbreaking new test can predict the future emergence of autism in young children and infants using a single strand of hair, researchers say, potentially lowering the average age of diagnosis.

January 17, 2023
Student walks on campus

Postsecondary Student With Autism Spurs NCAA Rule Change

Students with disabilities at postsecondary programs nationwide can now compete in Division III athletics, thanks to a 20-year-old runner with autism and his mom who prompted an NCAA rule change.

January 4, 2023

Federal Panel’s Shift To ‘Neutral’ Autism Language Prompts Backlash

As an influential federal autism committee considers moving to "neutral, strengths-based" language, some advocates are pushing back arguing that stripping words will "sanitize" the realities many face.

December 15, 2022

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Test Commonly Used To Diagnose Autism May Be Unnecessary

A test that's often required for children to receive an autism diagnosis may be unnecessary and eliminating it could make the process faster, easier and cheaper, researchers say.

December 9, 2022
Close up of man looking up

‘Impending Intergenerational Crisis’: Americans With IDD Lack Long-Term Care Plans

Many with IDD lack plans for when family members can no longer care for them. Families, researchers and advocates worry that has set the stage for a crisis in which people could end up in institutions.

December 7, 2022
Three people sit and talk on porch

PBS To Air Documentary On First Person With Autism

A documentary about the first person ever diagnosed with autism is heading to television.

December 5, 2022

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Letters on white background spell 'autism'

‘Autistic’ Or ‘Person With Autism’? It Depends

New research dives into the heated debate surrounding the language of autism and finds that preferences about how to describe those on the spectrum vary substantially depending on who you ask.

December 2, 2022

Mom Says Walmart’s Acetaminophen Led To Autism In Her Child

A mom believes taking a generic brand of acetaminophen while pregnant caused autism and ADHD in her child. She's now suing Walmart in federal court.

November 28, 2022

US Olympic And Paralympic Committee Covered Up Abuse Of Athlete With Autism, Lawsuit Alleges

A Paralympic swimmer with autism and intellectual disability was repeatedly assaulted and raped by a teammate with cerebral palsy and officials were complicit, according to a lawsuit.

November 15, 2022

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