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Early Intervention Experts Worry The Pandemic Has Hurt Kids With Special Needs

Referrals to early intervention services have plummeted as the COVID-19 pandemic has kept children from day care and other places where concerns about developmental delays often emerge.

June 25, 2020
Autism Speaks PSA

Autism Severity Can Evolve Markedly During Childhood

It's long been thought that autism severity remained largely static over a person's lifetime, but new research suggests otherwise.

June 22, 2020
Amazon sign

Amazon Orders Comedic Drama Starring Actors With Autism

The creator of "Parenthood" is bringing a new series about the experiences of three young adults with autism to Amazon.

June 17, 2020

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Despite Recommendations, Genetic Testing Rare Among Those With Autism

It is widely recommended that individuals with autism receive a battery of genetic tests, but new research finds strikingly few people on the spectrum partaking.

June 16, 2020

Mom Accused Of Pushing Son With ASD Into Canal Pleads Not Guilty

A mother accused of pushing her 9-year-old son with severe autism into a canal to drown has pleaded not guilty and may face the death penalty.

June 16, 2020

Sleep Problems In Babies Might Signal Autism

New research suggests that children who were later diagnosed with autism were more likely to have had difficulty falling asleep as infants.

June 12, 2020

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Couple Prove Down Syndrome, Autism No Barrier To Marriage

She has Down syndrome. He has autism. Together they have 10 years of wedded bliss.

June 9, 2020
Hero Elementary

PBS Show Features Superhero With Autism

Autism is getting the superhero treatment on a new children's television show.

June 3, 2020
Woman on park bench

Mom Hasn’t Seen Son With Autism Since March Because Of COVID-19 Lockdown

When the pandemic hit, long-term care facilities were among the first to close doors to visitors, but with no plan to reopen, one mom worries how long it will be before she sees her son again.

June 2, 2020

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Man stands behind bar

TV Shows Starring Actors With Developmental Disabilities Set To Return

Television network executives say they will bring back two shows that prominently feature actors who have developmental disabilities.

June 1, 2020

Nonverbal Students Being Denied An Education During Pandemic, Lawsuit Says

A federal lawsuit that could affect thousands claims that students with disabilities are being illegally denied an education during the government-ordered coronavirus school shutdown.

May 27, 2020

Video Shows Mom Pushing Son With Autism Into Canal

Overwhelmed by caring for her 9-year-old with severe autism, authorities say that a mother pushed her son into water twice, ultimately leading the boy to drown in a Florida canal.

May 27, 2020

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