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People hold signs at DSP rally

Amid Shortage Of DSPs, Disability Advocates Push For Nationwide Head Count

The federal government is weighing whether to start tracking the number of DSPs, a move advocates call a critical first step in easing the nation's dire shortage of workers caring for people with IDD.

July 19, 2024
Characters play in tree houses on animated show

PBS Kids To Launch New Show About Characters With Autism

A first-of-its-kind children's show featuring a main character with autism and his neurodiverse friends is set to premiere this fall.

July 18, 2024

Man With Disability Made To Leave His Seat At Raffi Show

Stefan Burn was excited to see Raffi, but before the show could start, he and his parents were told that the children's singer would not perform unless they moved from their front-row seats.

July 16, 2024

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Billboard with message from Inevitable Foundation promoting hiring writers with disabilities

Survey Finds Broad Dissatisfaction With Disability Representation In Movies, TV

Hollywood could get a major boost if film and television shows paid more attention to depictions of disabilities, data suggests.

July 12, 2024
Children play on playground

Inclusive Playgrounds Allow Children Of All Abilities To Play

While many playgrounds have at least some inclusive components, advocates and parents of children with disabilities are pushing for more play spaces to be entirely friendly to those of all abilities.

July 12, 2024
Image of fossil

Fossil Suggests Neanderthals Cared For Child With Down Syndrome

A fossilized ear bone is providing evidence that a Neanderthal child with Down syndrome lived to be at least 6-years-old and was cared for by others.

June 28, 2024

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Screenshots of phone displaying Yelp listings with accessibility features

With Growing Demand, Yelp Adds Accessibility Details To Business Listings

Yelp says it is dramatically increasing information about accessibility in listings on its site for restaurants and other locations, while also pushing businesses to become more inclusive.

June 26, 2024

Quiet Zones, Fidgets And Ear Muffs: Parades And Festivals Add Sensory Accommodations

From state fairs to local parades to Pride festivals, events are adding quiet areas and other tools for those with autism and sensory issues.

June 25, 2024

Adults With Disabilities Asked To Make Way For Foster Kids

Families say they are feeling pressured by state officials to move their loved ones with disabilities in order to allow foster children to use the homes where they now live.

June 25, 2024

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Google headquarters

Google Releasing Bevy Of Accessibility Improvements

Google is unveiling a slew of accessibility updates while also announcing new efforts to support people with disabilities creating content online.

June 21, 2024
Netflix sign

Netflix Backs Effort To Support Filmmakers With Disabilities

Netflix is putting up money for a new fellowship aimed at helping writers and filmmakers with disabilities break into the entertainment industry.

June 18, 2024

University Professors Hope To Open Inclusive Toy Lab

Freshman engineering students are working to design toys that are accessible to as many people as possible, a first step in creating an inclusive toy design lab.

June 18, 2024

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