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Videos Of Texas Institution ‘Fight Club’ Show Forced Fights, Employees Laughing


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Just released videos of the alleged “fight club” at a Texas institution for people with disabilities show residents forced to fight as employees laughed and encouraged the brutal behavior.

Authorities first discovered the cell phone videos in March which uncovered overnight fights at the Corpus Christi State School in Corpus Christi, Texas, which police now say went on nearly every night for over a year.

Residents say they were threatened and told not to tell anyone, even their parents, about the fights.

A judge recently ordered the videos to be released to an attorney who is representing a former resident in a lawsuit against the state of Texas.

Since the videos were discovered, six former employees at the facility have been indicted, reports ABC News. To read more and to see the videos click here.


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  1. Sharon McEachern says:

    On the videos, employees can be seen and heard laughing and prodding the residents to fight.

    There is some recent imaging research that suggests bullies’ brains could be hardwired for sadism. Using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), images of bullies’ brains showed that inflicting pain stimulated the brain pleasure centers of males who are unusually aggressive, but showed no activity in brains of normal males.

    Could the Texas state school for the mentally disabled in Corpus Christi be hiring employees with “conduct disorder” a very serious psychological condition? We know that abusers seek out employment where there are helpless people they can victimize. Does Texas require any psychological testing of employees at its state institutions?

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