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Disability Concerns Factor In Obama Health Care Proposal


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President Barack Obama’s heath care reform proposal released Monday includes many of the provisions disability advocates have been pushing for.

The $950 billion proposal comes ahead of a bipartisan health care summit planned for Thursday and retains many elements advocates consider favorable for people with disabilities. Notably, the plan would prevent coverage denials based on a preexisting condition and allocate additional federal funds to expand Medicaid.

What’s more, the president’s proposal includes the Community First Choice Option, giving states the option to receive more federal matching funds to support individuals with disabilities who live in the community.

The meeting Thursday is the administration’s latest attempt to revive health care overhaul efforts that stalled after the election of Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., leaving Democrats without a 60 vote super-majority. The new makeup of the Senate made it unlikely that health care plans previously passed by the House and Senate could be reconciled.

Despite Republican objections, Obama built on the heath care bills passed in the Senate and House to create the proposal from which lawmakers are expected to work from Thursday.

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