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Report: Vaccines Safe, Not Linked To Autism


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In the first comprehensive review of vaccine safety since 1994, yet another body of medical researchers is affirming that there is no link between vaccines and autism.

The finding comes in a report released Thursday from the Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academy of Sciences, that was produced at the federal government’s request.

For the review, a committee of experts analyzed over 1,000 research articles focusing on eight vaccines and their relation to 158 possible reactions. Overall, they found that side effects from immunizations are generally limited and temporary.

“Vaccines are not free from side effects, or ‘adverse effects,’ but most are very rare or very mild,” the group said.

The report indicates 14 cases where evidence suggests that vaccines could cause health problems such as seizures, severe allergic reactions and brain swelling.

However, the Institute of Medicine panel soundly rejected any link between autism and the measles, mumps and rubella, or MMR, vaccine after assessing 22 studies on the topic.

“The findings should be reassuring to parents that few health problems are clearly connected to immunizations, and these effects occur relatively rarely,” said committee chair Ellen Wright Clayton, a professor of pediatrics and law at Vanderbilt University.

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Comments (5 Responses)

  1. Autisticandawesome says:

    When are they going to stop proving the same thing over and over again? This issue is dead. Think of all the money wasted that could be spent on research that actually improves the quality of life for Autistic people!

  2. violetred says:

    Agreed. This is like the abortion debate. If you’re convinced vaccines are bad, no study will change your mind. And if you don’t think vaccines caused your kid’s autism, then you have another study that proves it.
    However, unlike the abortion debate, the anti-vaccine movement has severe public health consequences. People in developing countries are grateful for these vaccines because they have seen children die from the diseases. In the US we don’t see this, so we think vaccines are not necessary or can be delayed.

    Hopefully as more studies confirm there is no link between vaccines and autism, future generations will stop obsessing about it and just give their kids the shots.

  3. KayYoo says:

    Disagree. Depends on how you define “autism”. Maybe they can’t find a link (yet) with classic full-blown autism, but what about “lesser” disorders on the spectrum. My daughter had a severe reaction to the shot. She’s PDD-NOS. Don’t tell me there’s no connection. I consider those that swallow this line to be dupes of BigPharma and their lackeys in Congress.

  4. says:

    It was reported that since 1999 when mercury & thimerosal has been reduced in vaccines, autism has declined. I haven’t read this report (the internet is full of these type of reports) but I’m wondering if studies have been done to investigate mercury levels (or other toxic chemicals) of the parents of autistic child?

    Could it passed through DNA or genes?

  5. autismUXB says:

    While there has been an alarming increase in autism in the last decades, most families are not affected and let’s face it they don’t care. So 99% of the population don’t need to think about autism, except when they want to complain about burdens to taxpayers. Many of the answers to the 10 questions below need to consider the industry’s primary motivation of profit and that it is allowed to police itself. Also, realize that the medical establishment refers to the health of the population as “herd immunity”.
    1-Why is there a need to put a preservative in the vaccines?
    2-Why are multiple doses in the container? Why not one dose, one container, and the preservative isn’t needed?
    3-The container needs to be shaken when used. What happens when all of the preservative is given to one victim, because it wasn’t shaken?
    4-Who tests the vaccines for quality?
    5-How does anyone know that thermerasol is no longer being used?
    6-If it’s not being used what preservative is being used? How toxic is that substance? As quoted from a parent- “mercury is a poison for the neurological system. It’s basic science. Look it up!” Obviously, any toxin is going to be especially dangerous to developing infants and children.
    7-The studies have been based on purely epidemiological (selectively statistical) data and not on any biological studies (which exist).
    8-There is an arrogance among medical professionals to disregard parents’ observation.
    9-Genetics is not an answer for autism, even though it makes a good scam (it is also a way of blaming parents- like the old “refrigerator mother” theory). If it is genetic, why has the condition suddenly appeared now and not in prior generations?
    10-If it’s not the vaccines, what is causing it? There is certainly no urgency to find a cause, all the effort in this area has gone to deny the vaccine connection.

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