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George Clooney Takes Man With Cerebral Palsy Under His Wing


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An aspiring actor with cerebral palsy is getting a helping hand from none other than George Clooney.

Cody La Scala, 25, met the movie star at the Carousel Of Hope Ball, a children’s diabetes benefit, in Beverly Hills, Calif. over the weekend. The two got friendly, with Clooney introducing La Scala to Carmen Electra and other big names at the event.

When La Scala, who uses a wheelchair and has uncontrolled movements due to his cerebral palsy, said that he would like to become an actor, Clooney offered to help out.

“They chatted for a bit and George encouraged him to follow his dream, took down his number and promised to make some calls,” a witness told RadarOnline. To read more click here.

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Comments (8 Responses)

  1. Mike says:

    Maybe Clooney feels like he needed to do something after using the word retard as pejorative in the Descendants.

  2. paul moore says:

    Is this the same George Clooney who uses the phrase “you are so retarded” in his recent film “the descendants”. What a hypocrite!!

  3. Michele Renaud says:

    George Clooney stands up for what he believes in and is willing to do and speak up for those things. If every actor or person for that matter had a heart to do what he did, the world would be a better place. His acting roles are called acting for a reason, and a script is a script. Pointing fingers and saying he is a hypocrite,is an anomally. I ask you how perfect are you, and do you not throw stones, are you not in one way or another a hypocrite? By pointing your finger at Clooney for being a hypocrite, you must first be able to admit the same in yourself.

  4. paul moore says:

    If clooney had used words that are no longer acceptable to african americans or gay /lesbian people even though the script called for it, would you or anyone else be supportive, especially in a comedic attempt. As the father of a son with Down Syndrome I can not respect an actor who reads a script for finacial gain inspite of who it may disrespect.

  5. Monique says:

    Clooney didn’t use the “R” word during an interview or anything…. they were in the script that it’s his job to read… get mad at the writers…

  6. Teresa Roberts says:

    A very generous man.

  7. Matt Wermer says:

    Very Cool Mr. Clooney! Would be kind of neat if there were a program that offered acting classes and training for people with disabilities. Good luck & Good Job!

  8. Andrew Cowell says:

    @ Paul Moore

    Clooney didn’t use the “R” word in his personal life – it was part of a script, something he had no control over.

    However, helping someone with cerebral palsy is clearly something that is now a part of his personal life and something that should be commended.

    Its important to differentiate between an on-screen persona and the man himself.

    Good on George!

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