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One More Gesture From Waiter Who Stood Up For Boy With Disability


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A Texas waiter who gained national attention for refusing service to a customer who was critical of those with disabilities is using his new fame to benefit kids with special needs.

Michael Garcia, a waiter at Laurenzo’s Prime Rib in Houston, was lauded last month for turning away a group of diners who did not want to be seated near a boy with Down syndrome, telling the server “special-needs children need to be special somewhere else.”

After news of Garcia’s act spread across the country, praise and donations poured in for the restaurant worker. Now Garcia is continuing his good deeds, opting to donate the $1,145 he received to the Houston inclusive preschool where his young customer with Down syndrome attends.

“When you have something like this with someone who had no reason to be kind — he doesn’t have relatives with special needs, he’s not a teacher — but he did it out of a sense of what was right and from his heart, it gives us this hope,” a school official told the Houston Chronicle. To read more click here.

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Comments (10 Responses)

  1. Betty Young says:

    I read the Chronicle article, and one commenter said it was really no big deal what this man did, “everyone sticks up for the underdog.” I totally disagree. I think what this man did is extraordinary, and extraordinally corageous. I think he’s a hero, just like his young friend does! There are any number of ways this story could have turned out differently, and it’s because of Michael Garcia’s strength of character that this story turned out the way it did! It was so very sweet to read about the party he had with the kids at the school, and his kind gesture to donate the funds to the school his little friend attends! All in my humble opinion. I know I’d be honored to have Michael on my side!!

  2. Diane Bailey says:

    This warms my heart. Thankfully I have never been treated like this when out with my daughter, but I hope there are waiters out there who would react the same way if that happened around here. That man is courageous to stick up for what he believes in, especially these days. If more people saw children with special needs as PEOPLE, things would be soo different. May God Bless Michael Garcia!! He is my hero!

  3. Jon K. Evans says:

    You go-Mr. Garcia-and I do mean MISTER! These snobs need to learn what it is like to be discriminated against

  4. marie camp says:

    We all should follow his example, not just for special needs people but for all humanity. Unfortunately in todays society we are looking at one person, ourselves. We are a nation of,me it is very sad and I wish we all act in kindness like this person.

  5. Mrs. Alejandro says:

    Mr. Garcia’s act was particularly courageous in that he risked losing his own job by taking this stand. He knew that refusing to serve a customer was grounds for dismissal in an “at will” employment state – and his response was, “I would just get another job,” his indignation over this overt act of discrimination against someone just because they are different is to be lauded – he “did it of a sense of what was right,” and in doing so he touched the hearts of many who have been on the receiving end of such overt and covert discrimination – our hat’s off to you Mr. Garcia! God bless you!

  6. CJB says:

    It’s a sad statement for our society when being kind is outside of the norm. When I was growing up, the whole restaurant would have chastised those that made those comments.

  7. Ranil Sorongon says:

    We salute the gesture of Michael. In the Philippines, we are celebrating the Down Syndrome Awareness month every February to raise awareness on the rights and welfare of persons with Down Syndrome.

  8. Gael McCarthy says:

    What Michael did was not a popular gesture in today’s world, but it was a very human and much needed public action that has so many repercussions that he’ll never know how many lives he’s touched. Thank you very much Michael for being such a good example of humanity, and being the caring person that you are. I’m in a wheelchair and I’ve not heard that particular insult——-but I’ve seen it in many eyes and facial expressions. People need to stop, think, walk a mile in the disabled person’s shoes, then turn that negative thought to a smile, and be grateful. We don’t wish to be in these conditions, we just wish to live our lives the best we can with what we’ve been given. Just like everyone else.

  9. Maggie Speight says:

    I am not only salute and applaud Michael’s geatures of humanity and love for other’s but also admired his wiliness to show the world that there is a thing call “We are all the same” Thank you Michael for standing up to the cruelty if those other individuals that don’t seen to know what kindness is all about. I wish there were more people like yourself in the world. Many blessings!

  10. Norma Bartlett, Indiana says:

    I would also like to send praise to Michael Garcia. I work at a non-residential Independent Living Center and wish that people like the rude diner that Michael stood up to could just spend a day or two in the company of some of the special needs people that we help everyday. They are great people and I wonder what the diner would do if by some chance he ends up with a “Special Needs” grandchild someday. I only hope for the child’s sake that this never happens as a person like that doesn’t deserve any grandchildren. He better hope that he never becomes disabled in any way and would have to deal with a person as nasty as he was! I hold a craft class once a month with Mentally Challenged individuals and it is the highlight of my month. They are so appreciative for everything I do for them and it is a great time for all of us. Good job Michael!

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