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Pope’s Embrace Of Boy With Special Needs Goes Viral


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As Pope Francis made his way through thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday, he plucked a boy with cerebral palsy from the crowd, creating an image that’s gone viral.

Dominic Gondreau, 8, who is from Rhode Island, was spotted by the pope while he traversed the square in his popemobile following mass on Sunday. The boy was lifted up to embrace the pontiff, who gave him a kiss.

Since then, images of the special moment between the two have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, on NBC Nightly News and CNN, among others.

Gondreau’s father, Paul Gondreau, wrote in a blog post that his family and all those around them were “moved to tears” by the interaction.

“Pope Francis bestowed an extraordinary Easter blessing upon my family when he performed such an act in embracing my son, Dominic, who has cerebral palsy,” wrote Paul Gondreau, a faculty member at Providence College in Rhode Island who is spending the semester in Rome with his family. “His Easter embrace of my son stands out as a compelling witness to the kind of ‘poverty’ that he urges us to adopt.”

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Comments (6 Responses)

  1. Charles says:

    It was such a moving moment when Pope Francis embraced and kissed this child. I could not stop shedding joyful tears with such a blessed action taken by our HOLY FATHER.
    Yes,once again GOD has blessed us with another meek POPE, already loved by all incxluding non catholic.

  2. Patty Sprofers says:

    Blessings to Dominic and to his family.

  3. David Snow says:

    Pope’s embrace.

    WONDERFUL! Brought tears to my eyes…

  4. Tim says:

    Wonderful! What a sweet blessing. I am always moved when people do something so kind for children who face so many challenges in life!

  5. DAVID BAUER says:

    A nice gesture, but only a gesture. Can we assume the new pope will make the Vatican completely accessible and will he make every effort to hire people with disabilities?

  6. Pamela Dahl says:

    I have cerebral palsy. I think that is a sweet video, because the boy was so pleased, not because he has cerebral palsy. pCo

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