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Advocates Arrested Outside White House


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Sixty disability rights activists were arrested while protesting outside the White House Monday.

The demonstrators were among 200 members of the disability rights group ADAPT from across the country who are in Washington this week advocating for greater access to community living.

The group was at the White House to demand a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden who they say has not lived up to a campaign promise to meet with them about how he can champion community living options for people with disabilities.

“Once he and President Obama were re-elected, Vice President Biden has refused to meet with us. His staff told our leaders that he isn’t even willing to schedule a meeting to explore specifics of his commitment to us,” said Dawn Russell of Colorado ADAPT.

Earlier Monday, ADAPT members demonstrated at the office of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who the group criticized for objecting to the Affordable Care Act, which they say includes many provisions supporting community living options for people with disabilities.

The 60 were arrested outside the White House Monday for “failure to obey a lawful order,” according to Sgt. Paul Brooks of the U.S. Park Police. They were all ticketed and released.

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Comments (5 Responses)

  1. Joseph Galbraith says:

    ‘scuse my tongue, but wtf ??? :'(

    this is sad, outrageous…frustrating….


  2. Patricia Chandler says:

    I am all for working with our real Government Leaders and holding those who we vote for, accountable; though, there is a protocol to follow. If ADAPT in fact started the ADA before the ADA was officially enacted, they definitely know the protocol to follow when wanted to engage your Elected Official in any type of communication. If I wanted to communicate and meet with my Elected Official Leaders, I would engage the Pubkic Liasion from the White House Disability Division and start the process there…. If they haven’t already.

    The overall political climate today is not Public Friendly; the Government is shutdown Today due to infighting. World conflicts are increasing daily, new ones cropping up. Government Protocol requires Prioritizing Situations first and formost. No Goverment Elected Official is going to respond to a unsanctioned, unofficial, unscheduled White House Lawn Rally, no matter the subject matter or how peaceful. That arrests were made seems to clearly suggest, this rally, protest was not too peaceful.

    Why doesn’t ADAPT ask the WH Disability Division Head to set up a conference call with the office of the VP? I read some of ADAPTS tweets over the last few days, and they are basically taking credit for actually freated and enacting the ADA Laws. Maybe thats also why the WH responded as they did?

    There is a way to meet half way; you just have to be willing to do it right.

  3. Kristen says:

    I agree with Patricia.

  4. Lucille Bar-David says:

    I am grateful to these demonstrators for bringing attention to the needs of people with disabilities who reside in often dangerous institutions without the freedom to live in community placements. For example, my son is very happily living in the community again. Yet, other nonverbal autistic residents of his developmental center died or became more seriously disabled in transitions to community placements that were unprepared for the needs of their new residents. This experience teaches the importance of safety and transparency in both institutional and community residences for our most vulnerable populations. I hope that, when Vice President Biden meets with ADAPT, he keeps these concerns of safety in mind.

  5. Clint Gyles says:

    If a child is diagnosed with a disability it means it’s for the rest of their life. Therefore they will need services that will teach them how to live in our fast moving society. Also means keeping them safe and treated as a human being. Poor services bad plans and poor care means . Someone with no voice is living in distress and ignoring it means being ignorant.

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