DynaVox Affiliates File For Bankruptcy

Three affiliates of DynaVox filed for bankruptcy this week, but the entity responsible for the assistive technology products long used by people with disabilities says it is unaffected.

Justice Department Urges Shift Away From Sheltered Workshops

In a first-of-its-kind settlement, the U.S. Department of Justice says a state has committed to overhaul its system of sheltered workshops and day programs for people with disabilities.

Chili’s Cancels Autism Fundraiser Amid Backlash

Chili’s Grill & Bar has canceled a fundraiser for a national autism organization after facing criticism related to the group’s views on vaccines.

Unemployment Rises As More With Disabilities Job Hunting

The unemployment rate for Americans with disabilities is up slightly as more people seek work, the U.S. Department of Labor said Friday.

Tech Company Ramps Up Hiring Of Workers With Autism

An international software giant that’s looking to tap the unique talents of those with autism is taking on its first group of American employees on the spectrum.

Feds Move Forward With Disability Hiring Mandate

With a new rule taking effect this week, federal officials are looking to compel businesses to significantly increase the number of people with disabilities that they employ.

Mercedes Owner Busted For SSI, Medicaid Fraud

An unemployed man who owned a Mercedes and reportedly wore lots of jewelry is headed to jail for defrauding Medicaid and SSI out of more than $200,000.

For Tech Companies, Hiring Workers With Disabilities ‘Cool’

From Zendesk to Twitter, companies in San Francisco’s booming tech sector are lining up to hire people with developmental disabilities.

Senators Take Aim At SSI Asset Limits

Under a new bill proposed in the U.S. Senate, the amount of money that SSI recipients could save without losing access to their benefits would rise for the first time in over two decades.

People With Disabilities Impetus For New Teaching Hotel

Construction is set to begin on a first-of-its-kind hotel where teaching and employing people with disabilities will be just as important as accommodating overnight guests.

Despite Hiring Uptick, More With Disabilities Jobless

Hiring picked up in February, but not enough to tamp down a rise in unemployment among Americans with disabilities, the U.S. Department of Labor said Friday.

Social Security Ups Disability Safeguards

The Social Security Administration is taking new steps to bar criminals from collecting benefits on behalf of those with disabilities who are unable to manage their own finances.

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