For a growing number of adults with high functioning autism, securing a job is proving to be a steep hurdle, but it’s not for lack of qualifications.

Many are graduating from college at the top of their class and submitting shining resumes. They’re even landing interviews, but that’s where the string of success tends to stop.

The lack of social skills inherent in the autism diagnosis means that a job interview can be the ultimate buzz kill for an otherwise highly qualified applicant, experts say. As a result, studies indicate that fewer than 15 percent of adults with autism are competitively employed.

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Even those who do secure work often struggle to succeed in the first months on the job, studies show. But if a person with autism has the tools to remain employed for a year, they’re likely to fare well long-term.

Trouble is, many agencies tasked with helping individuals with disabilities gain employment are unprepared to help this burgeoning population.

Families report case workers unfamiliar with Asperger’s syndrome, a diagnosis many on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum identify with. And, some say they struggle just to qualify for assistance because they appear so capable on paper, reports The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch. To read more click here.

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