A California couple is accused of defrauding their school district and health insurer, all in what they say was an effort to secure the best services for their child with autism.

Under California law, school districts are required to pay for home schooling of children with disabilities so-long as a licensed private educational provider oversees the child’s educational plan. Prosecutors allege that instead of using such a provider, Jonathan Dickstein and Barclay Lynn established their own company called Puzzle Pieces to serve in that capacity for their son, 10, who is on the autism spectrum.

The real trouble, however, emerged when the company charged both the couple’s school district and health insurance providers for the same services between 2006 and 2008. All in all, prosecutors say San Francisco schools potentially lost out on $240,000 and two different insurers are on the hook for as much as $140,000.

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“They put a lot of work into getting whatever the child needed. In the process of getting all those needs met, there were problems,” Dickstein’s attorney told the San Francisco Chronicle. To read more click here.

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