NBA star Ron Artest is putting his championship ring to good use.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ defender says that instead of sporting his new bling, he will auction the ring and use the proceeds to help put more psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in schools.

Artest, who thanked his own psychologist after helping his team win the 2010 NBA title, is a vocal supporter of a proposal in Congress that would enhance mental health services in public schools. He says he won’t wear the championship ring that he’ll receive at a ceremony Oct. 26 before the Lakers take on the Houston Rockets. Instead, he wants it to go toward something more meaningful.

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“You work so hard to get a ring and now you have a chance to help more people than just yourself, instead of just satisfying yourself,” Artest told To read more click here. “What’s better than that? For me, this is very important.”

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