A new device designed to measure stress levels in individuals with autism is showing promise for researchers, therapists and parents alike who are looking to mitigate meltdowns.

The so-called Q Sensor monitors electrical changes in the skin to assess stress and excitement. The technology is capable of deciphering whether physiological changes are related to a person’s emotions or their environment so that entering a hot room or riding a roller coaster won’t trigger a spike.

Worn in a wristband, the device is unobtrusive at just four centimeters square and collects data, which can be downloaded onto a computer. Future versions are expected to offer real-time reporting.

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The sensor shows particular promise for individuals on the autism spectrum who often struggle to convey their emotions, experts say. Already some schools specializing in the developmental disability are preparing to use the sensors when a beta version becomes available to researchers and educators in November, reports Technology Review. To read more click here.

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