An 18-year-old high school student with autism whose rap videos became a sensation on YouTube is hitting the big time this month with the debut of his first album.

Antonio Henderson-Davis, who performs under the name 50 Tyson, was a regular kid taking special education classes and playing on his high school football team. That is, until he filmed himself rapping in front of his bathroom mirror.

The resulting videos went viral on YouTube, attracting the attention of Troy Hudson, a former NBA player with his own record label who signed the young star to a record deal.

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Henderson-Davis’s family and teachers have expressed some concerns about the Minnesota teen’s rise to fame and whether or not everyone he’s now working with has his best interests at heart.

But 50 Tyson is using his newfound notoriety to bring attention to autism. He timed the launch of his first album to coincide with autism awareness month and plans to donate a portion of the record’s proceeds to autism organizations, reports ESPN. To read more click here.

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