As some states weigh trimming services for individuals with disabilities, an increasing number of families are choosing to relocate in search of greater supports.

The situation is particularly acute in Illinois, which routinely ranks at the bottom of state rankings of disability services. With lawmakers there prepared to make further cuts to the state’s existing supports, anecdotally it appears that more and more families are choosing to cross state lines in an effort to secure better assistance for their children.

In some cases, parents report buying second homes in places like Wisconsin with plans to adjust their residency status if services to their children are cut. Other families are pulling up roots completely, headed for Michigan, Minnesota and other states with more generous offerings.

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The benefits of relocating can be significant. One family who moved from the Chicago area to Kenosha, Wis. was able to secure three years of therapy for their son with autism at no cost. If they had stayed in Illinois, the family likely would have spent $88,000 annually for the same treatment, reports The Chicago Tribune. To read more click here.

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