For the second time this year, online retail giant Amazon says it has pulled multiple books from its site that claim to offer cures for autism and other conditions.

Amazon confirmed that it removed listings for “several” books from its site touting chlorine dioxide, also known as Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, as a remedy.

The Food and Drug Administration has indicated that there is no cure for autism and cited MMS among a number of supposed treatments for the developmental disorder that “carry significant health risks.”

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Amazon did not specify which books it removed but NBC News reports that “MMS Health Recovery Guidebook,” “Introducing MMS” and “Forbidden Health” were among them. A search for the titles indicates that they are no longer available on the retailer’s website.

Nonetheless, a search for “autism cure” still returns hundreds of results on Amazon.

Earlier this year, the company yanked two other books promoting cures for autism.

An Amazon spokeswoman would not comment on why the listings were taken down and did not say if additional titles might be removed.

Research suggests that up to 10 percent of parents of children with autism “may be using a potentially dangerous treatment,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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