Which cities offer the best places to live for people with disabilities? A new ranking factors everything from cost of living to access to support services in an attempt to answer that question.

At the top of the list are Scottsdale, Ariz., St. Louis, South Burlington, Vt., Huntington Beach, Calif. and Bismarck, N.D.

That’s according to an annual analysis from the personal-finance website WalletHub, which assessed data on 182 cities across the country.

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Each city was scored on 34 different measures related to disability friendliness in three broad categories — economy, quality of life and health care. In addition to typical considerations like the employment rate for people with disabilities, the effectiveness of state Medicaid programs and the availability of accessible housing, this year’s ranking also factored each state’s infrastructure for coronavirus.

Researchers relied on data from various federal agencies and disability nonprofits as well as sources like Yelp, Redfin and the Kaiser Family Foundation to compile the list.

Rounding out the bottom of the ranking are Providence, R.I., Gulfport, Miss. and Bridgeport, Conn. in last place.

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