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Star-Studded Ads Urge Disability Awareness


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A series of billboards with some major star-power behind them are popping up across the country in an effort to promote acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities.

The advertisements feature celebrities including actor Rob Lowe, former model Cindy Crawford and Food Network star Guy Fieri. Each is shown paired alongside a friend with special needs who they’ve connected with through Best Buddies, a national nonprofit that promotes one-on-one friendships between those with and without disabilities.

Billboards are currently up in the New York City area, New England and in California. Additional displays are also planned in Florida and Washington, D.C., according to Best Buddies.

Officials with the group say they are hopeful that the advertisements will encourage others to befriend those with disabilities and increase employment opportunities for this population.

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Comments (4 Responses)

  1. Patricia Elaine Chandler says:

    BRAVO! Let’s See Times Square Lit Up for Disability on a Regular Basis. Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo should have a Ceremony and a Permaenent Disability Billboard of Acceptance, displayed and it should be the Size of one of those Mega ads used by MACY’s to Promote Half-clothed Teens in their Fashions to Sell Clothes! We aee not going anywhere so it is Time to Show the World Who We Are! I Am Disabled today, So be it becasue Today, it is a Good Thing. I am Differently Abled, that’s All.

  2. maureen barber-carey says:

    My 18 year old son who has high functioning autism has been part of the program for 1 year. His “buddy” is Veronica, a young lady from California. He throughly enjoys geeting her emails and sending his responses. Veronica is truly his friend and he shares many things with her he would not do 1:1. This is a fabulous program that I highly recommend!

  3. Dr Lois Tannenbaum says:

    Excellent program and commitment by Best Buddies. Perhaps someday we will get to the point where the individuals with disabilities are the ones making the selection process in a portrayal of being the giver as well as the receiver.

  4. Julianna Fiore says:

    Wow! This is inspiring and very helpful to me. I am currently working on a research paper based around mental and physical disabilities and how awareness is improving. Such an amazing article and a lot of help to support my thesis. Nice!

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