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Disability Hiring Declines

The unemployment rate for Americans with disabilities is inching up, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Ranking Names Most Livable Cities For People With Disabilities

A new ranking crunches the numbers to assess the nation’s best and worst cities for those with disabilities.

Overlapping Symptoms May Delay ASD Diagnosis

Symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may mask signs of autism in young children, researchers say, often delaying diagnosis for years.

Study Questions Effectiveness Of One-To-Ones In Special Ed

Many students receiving special education services are supported by one-to-ones, but new research suggests these assistants may not be pulling their weight.

Despite Growth, SSI May Be Under-Serving Kids

The number of children receiving disability benefits from the federal government is on the rise and for good reason, a national panel of experts suggests.

Autism Makes Stage At Republican Presidential Debate

Donald Trump used his platform at this week’s Republican presidential debate to double down on his controversial claims about autism.

Pregnancy Timing May Influence Autism Risk

Waiting too few years or too many between pregnancies can greatly affect a child’s risk for autism, new research suggests.

Settlement Calls For Cuts To Sheltered Workshops

Over 1,000 people with developmental disabilities will be able to leave sheltered workshops for competitive employment under a proposed settlement in a first-of-its-kind class-action suit.

Common Autism Behaviors Less Likely In Girls

Repetitive behaviors have long been considered a hallmark of autism, but new research suggests that girls with the developmental disorder are less likely than boys to exhibit such symptoms.

Job Market Sluggish For Those With Disabilities

As the nation’s unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in years, new data from the U.S. Department of Labor suggests that people with disabilities are struggling to keep up.

Questions Raised About Meds Used For Intellectual Disability

New research suggests that many drugs are vasty overprescribed to people with intellectual disabilities despite scant evidence that they provide any benefit.

Study Backs Genetic Testing For Kids With Autism

Newly available genetic testing may offer answers for about 16 percent of children with autism, according to a new study that’s lending support for more widespread use of the analyses.

Feds Clarify Rights Of Parents With Disabilities

The Obama administration is warning state and local officials not to discriminate against people with disabilities who have children or would like to.

Study: Dads’ Involvement Key For Families Affected By ASD

Many women struggle to deal with stress associated with having a child with autism, but new research suggests that fathers can play a big role in boosting moms’ mental health.

Feds Offer Financial Advice For Caregivers

A new set of state-specific guides are on their way to help parents and caregivers tasked with managing money on behalf of those with disabilities.

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