A new television show starring and created by a comedian on the spectrum is set to premiere.

The half-hour comedy “Dinosaur” centers on Nina, a 30-something with autism who loves living with her sister and best friend, Evie. The story finds Nina forced to deal with change when Evie gets engaged after just six weeks.

Nina is played by Ashley Storrie, a comedian from Scotland who is on the spectrum. Storrie is also one of the show’s creators and is part of a group of neurodiverse writers that developed the story.

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The six-episode series from the team behind shows like “Fleabag” and “The Tourist” will air on Hulu in the U.S. and BBC Three in the U.K.

“It is a joyful and hilarious comedy full of heart with a fresh perspective,” said Sarah Hammond and Daniel Walker, executive producers for Two Brothers Pictures, which is behind the series. “(Show Creator Matilda Curtis) and Ashley tell a heartfelt love story between two sisters that holds a mirror up to the inconsistencies of the neurotypical world.”

In addition to the challenge of dealing with her sister’s engagement, the show sees Nina considering new opportunities in her paleontology career and a potential relationship of her own.

“Dinosaur is a coming-of-age series exploring those moments of change we experience in the various relationships in our life including sisterhood, friendship and romance,” according to a synopsis.

“Dinosaur” will be available on Hulu beginning April 5.

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