Teens Get Community Service In Ice Bucket Case

Three teens who dumped urine, tobacco and spit on a 15-year-old with autism who thought he was participating in the “ice bucket challenge” have been ordered to do community service.

Future Uncertain For National Children’s Study

An effort to track the health of 100,000 kids from birth to adulthood may stop before its official start in a potential setback for those looking for answers on autism and other disorders.

Seinfeld Now Says He Doesn’t Have Autism

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is backing off comments he made earlier this month suggesting that he may be on the autism spectrum.

Pope Looks To Destigmatize Autism

For the first time, Pope Francis is set to meet with individuals with autism and their families during an international conference on the developmental disorder.

Duct-Taped Teen Receives Apology

More than a month after a teen with autism was duct-taped to a goalpost and abandoned, those involved in the incident have apologized.

Minorities Often Skipped In Autism Identification

The number of schoolchildren with autism has increased nationwide in recent years, but a new study suggests that some kids are still being overlooked.

Study Offers Clues To Soaring Autism Rates

The substantial rise in autism in recent years is primarily, but not entirely, due to changes in how the developmental disorder is defined and reported, a new study suggests.

Jerry Seinfeld: ‘I Think I’m On The Spectrum’

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld says he believes he may be on the autism spectrum.

Teens Admit To Charges In Ice Bucket Case

Three teens admitted this week to dumping a bucket containing urine, tobacco and spit on a 15-year-old with autism who thought he was participating in the “ice bucket challenge.”

Mom Accused Of Throwing Son With Autism Off Bridge

A woman who appears to have written online about the stress of taking care of her son with autism and ailing husband is suspected of throwing her 6-year-old boy to his death from a bridge.

Autism Surge Creating Special Education Teacher Shortages

Schools have long had trouble finding special education teachers, but administrators say the task is becoming increasingly difficult as more children are diagnosed with autism.

Lawmakers Urge Feds To Listen To Autism Self-Advocates

Members of Congress are calling on the Obama administration to take into account the concerns of self-advocates as the federal government works to implement new autism legislation.

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